Bay Area Aging Meeting - Stanford University, Thursday Dec. 7th

Here is the program for Tomorrow’s Bay Area Aging Meeting at Stanford, if anyone is interested. I’m registered for it (though to be honest, the last time I went I arrived a bit late and nobody was checking to see if I was registered (I just walked in and found a seat), so I’m not sure its necessary (if you get the urge and want to attend).

Thursday December 7th, 2023
Li Ka Shing Center (LSKC)
8:15am-5:30pm, with reception at 5:30pm

If you see something specifically interesting and have some questions - post them here and I will try to get answers to them…

These are mostly highly technical academic presentations by PHD students and Postdocs. You have to be really into longevity and with a background in biology to understand these, for the most part.

BAAM-Stanford-Program-2023.pdf (111.3 KB)

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Ah… Realizing I have too much to do tomorrow to attend this. Feel free to take my place.