Balance between anabolism and catabolism + indicators to track

I continued to sketch on my current overall longevity view. Long term overexpression of either mTOR (anabolism) or AMPK (catabolism) is not aligned with longevity. The challenge is to find the right balance between growth and breakdown. I sketched also on some potential indicators. All feedback welcome :pray:


@Krister_Kauppi, I really like this graphic. I was in the catabolic overexpression column from 2020-2022 and I’m starting to shift out of it now that I’m on rapa. It’s only been a couple months but my BP is normal from being low, blood sugar is improved (fasting at 70 v 90’s) as well as my weight/bmi. My doctor is happy anyway and now I just have to get accustomed to having more muscle and curves again!

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Thanks for sharing your life journey with us :pray: Curious question, how did you know you were in a too high catabolic state? Was it something special that made you overexpress the catabolic state?

I think it was mainly a combination of stress (working at 2 hospitals during Covid) and menopause. I had a couple unavoidable major life stressors in the years prior to the Covid pandemic so I think it was cumulative and by last spring/summer my bp was staying very low at 75-80/55-60 and I couldn’t keep my weight at a healthy level. @Krister_Kauppi

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Again thanks for sharing and I’m glad that you are on the right path again in life :pray:

Thank you. I’m very grateful.