B12 supplement needed with Metformin?

I decided to add Metformin to my stack, and the AgelessRX rep gave me this advice:

“Take a Vitamin B12 supplement while taking Metformin as it may lower B12 levels in some patients. You can purchase B12 from any local or online retailer.”

This is the first I’ve seen this. Do you guys recommend that I add B12 to my daily stack?


I recommend that most people add b12 to their stack as sublinguals.

Form is important. I recommend only the bio-available forms of b12: methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin (aka cobamamide, dibencozide, adb12, adenosylb12, etc).

I recommend against cyanocobalamin, which is a cobalamin molecule attached to a cyanide molecule, the latter of which is toxic, and not all bodies get rid of it with equal ease.


Hi @Phil_Van_Treuren
I’ve been taking Metformin for about 15 months now. I stopped taking a vitamin b12 supplement in September as I noticed an increase in my bloods. Going for another test in a few weeks time and will reevaluate based on the results……


I don’t suppose by any chance you were taking an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor along side the metformin ?

G’day @J0hn - just confirming for you that I wasn’t.