Autophagy clarification

Can anyone clairfy if autopahgy is activated in all cells when using rapamycin, specific cells based on?

Or is autopahgy happening irregularly as needed but done more frequently and effectively during treatment?

I feel like everyone is reaching for something thats not very clearly understood or explained?

How is autophagy measured or detected?

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Hey Walt,
David Sabatini, the authority on how rapamycin works, says MTOR is in all cells even in red blood cells (RBCs) and platelets.
Hence, through MTOR, autophagy is occuring in all cells. Average adult male has around 36 trillion cells in their body, while average adult females have 28 trillion.

The issue of MTOR action is discussed at at point 44:30 in the following link.


I’m not sure of the distribution of autophagy by cell type, etc. And we still have no way to clinically measure autophagy outside of the lab.

I recommend you read up on this thread: Measuring Autophagy in Body and Brain, Comparing Autophagy Activators

also: Autophagy takes it all – autophagy inducers target immune aging

and perhaps a good starter on the topic:

MeasuringautophagyValueSargeant and Bensalem published.pdf (1.1 MB)


My name isnt Walt, not sure what that is about.

None of this addressed my question, the video just stated what I thought was already well understood that almost all cells contain mTOR.

Theres way to many commas and logical leaps for me here.

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Walter Brown posts under the other name, Financial_Term_Struc.


Apparently there are 3 different types of autophagy, its not even clear which rapamycin is triggering.

I feel like we are either on the bleeding edge of biological research or out in the weeds with taking rapa considering what little about this compound outside or mouse models and orgran transplants.

Do we know if there is any active real research happening today?

An Overview of Autophagy: Morphology, Mechanism, and Regulation - PMC(Fig.


Review the attached PDF

autophagy assay. pdf (1.5 MB)

Hahaha… sorry… no intention of offending. Your profile says Walter… so why not Walt. :wink:

Your article on autophagy is 10 years old… maybe more information since? As you wrote… anything new?

And yes… it is a bit like flying in the dark… but with competent researchers like Blagosklonny, Kaeberlein and physician Attia all taking it for years… I have a degree of confidence. And, as a user of 3.5 years, I have seen enough improvements in myself physically and through biological tests to believe it is more than wishful thinking. Also, seeing evidence in old dog’s improving and multiple physician friends… too much is there for it to be nothing.

Whether you take rapa or don’t take it… up to you. Good journey. :+1:

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