Autophagy and fatigue

Does it make sense for someone with a long term chronic illness, hence, maybe more “junk” that the body needs help to clean up - to experience more fatigue with rapamycin? I still get quite tired using it, and benefits are unclear. But I have to wonder if the rapamycin is busy kicking off autophagy, and maybe I have more garbage cells to clean up - would that process contribute to more fatigue as my body works harder or as part of the autophagy process? Just spit balling here!


I don’t know, but I do know that my fatigue after taking rapamycin seems dose-dependent.
Fatigue is of course a common side effect. As far as I can tell there is no consensus for why this happens.


I experience euphoric fatigue almost every time I dose for the two days after dosing. I like your theory! I hope you are correct.

I have noticed my fatigue turns to nausea if I work out on the days I am fatigued - cycling or hiking. I usually dose on Saturday morning.

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Whilst autophagy is going one would expect that the cells affected would be constrained in their energy output, but once it completes their energy output should be slightly better.