Aubrey De Gray RMR update: males who lived twice as long as controls

Per Aubrey De Gray’s post today on FB: the all-treatments group is still taking roughly twice as long as the all-controls group (starting from 19 months old, when the experiment began) to get down to a given survival percentage in males, albeit only about 50% longer than controls in females.

Bottom Line: the effect appears to be stronger in males who lived twice as long as controls, compared to females who lived only 50% longer while all 4 interventions extended lifespans. (so If Males lived 2 yr vs then Females lived 1.5 yr compared to controls, relatively speaking).



Guess being born a guy has its perks after all.

If you are a laboratory specifically bred mouse.


Actually even

If you are this specific laboratory bread of mouse.


Are you looking at the Feb 3 update? (Or is there a more recent one than that)?

Mice that where used in the study.

Mouse Strain: “We have selected pre-aged C57Bl/6J for the first study on the basis of availability, and in order to match other lifespan studies involving the interventions employed here. The second study in the RMR program (examining a different panel of interventions) will probably be conducted in HET3 mice; this strain may be a more representative model of human aging, and will provide a valuable direct comparison to data from the NIA Interventions Testing Program. Subject to funding, we expect to be able to source a sufficient population of pre-aged HET3 mice to initiate the second study from Jackson Labs by Q3 2023.”


Today on FB posted by himself

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Females are doing really bad in RMR, if Claude says to be true: “I am quite confident that in the C57BL/6J mouse strain, female mice tend to live longer than male mice on average. This is a well-established finding in aging research using this particular inbred mouse strain.”

But per Gemini and ChatGPT, Yes, research suggests that male C57Bl/6J mice tend to live longer than females in pre-aged conditions. Studies have shown a statistically significant difference in lifespan, with males living around 13% longer than females on average [2].

So much for AI. Need double check on everything!

And per this: Austad and Fischer [28] recently reviewed 29 studies on the C57BL/6 mouse strain and found that males lived longer in 18 studies and females lived longer in 11 studies.Jul 29, 2019


The males of this strain of mice live longer than females. Dr. Miller calls this a ‘trash’ mouse. They should have used the ITP HET strain for better results.

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