Astera Institute Rejuvenome Project

Rejuvenome Intervention Submission

This form allows you to submit interventions to the Rejuvenome Project. Rejuvenome will test a variety of interventions, alone and in combination, aiming to delay or revert age-related pathologies as well as extending lifespan, in genetically diverse aged (18 mo) mice. The project will publicly release a rich multi-omic dataset exploring the benefits (and limitations) of these interventions across multiple tissues.

Rejuvenome is open to any intervention or combinations thereof, including modalities other than small molecules. We can work with you to help design additional experiments to e.g. make sure the dosing schedule and delivery are working as expected

I would like them to try an NRF2 upregulator like Rapamycin along with Glycine and NAC or Melatonin.

By using the Rapamycin to upregulate NRF2 which disperses antioxidants around the body to treat oxidative stress and increasing the supply of antioxidants as needed through Glycine and NAC, these should work synergistically to increase lifespan as they work hand in hand.

Rapamycin, Glycine and NAC have all shown to increase lifespan in mice.