Aspirin while taking Rapa and Acarbose?

Hey guys, I have been taking aspirin in addition to Rapa and soon will be taking Acarbose also. Any idea if Aspirin is good or bad, plus would it interfere with Rapa and Aca? anybody also taking aspirin.
BTW, I have been taking aspirin for a while I definitely like it. I used to get muscle cramps (sometimes bad ones) as a side effect from Rapa but when i started aspirin the cramps just disappeared?

Google searches can be helpful regarding drug interactions. Here’s a good start — Sirolimus Interactions Checker -


Thanks. Apparently aspirin seems ok/unknown to have any interactions with rapa.


Muscle cramps from Rapa? Never had them. Re Aspirin, Misha B included both on his list of anti-aging remedies.


Yeah apparently it is rare but actually it’s listed as one of side effects, for me it seems aspirin does fix that problem…

I personally am not a fan of aspirin because it is a cyclooxygenase-1 (Cox-1) inhibitor. I have used it temporarily to knock down cortisol, but it also disrupts sleep (I think through knocking down melatonin).

To knock down cortisol far better is something that hits the HPA axis such as the physiological sigh (ala Stanford), box breathing or allogrooming.

It has I think a 48 hour straight line in affecting Cox-1. There was a good paper done a long time ago about this.

It probably has a longevity benefit in reducing cortisol, but I think it messes up the metabolism of the prostaglandins. Even though I take a lot of melatonin I want all the melatonin my body can generate for itself.

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The obvious question is why are you taking aspirin? Heart disease?

KarlT no, my heart is fine, but I have inflammation and I feel it helps with it. Plus Rapa was giving me severe leg cramps and aspirin fixes that for me.

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My mother had severe leg cramps and she’s not currently on rapamycin. We connected it to too high vitamin D levels. She stopped taking vit D for a week and cramps are gone. She has been on Magnesium for a long time but it didn’t seem to help with cramps.


thanks for sharing. I’ll stop vit d and see what happens.

Its a good idea to test your 25ohd levels

Are your levels of vit D high? Makes sense to measure it before you stop.

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Are you on a statin? Could be a source of your cramps too.

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never been on any medication other than supplements and now Rapa. And i haven’t checked for Vit D levels either.

John, do you mind me asking for clarification on why the physiological sigh has unwelcome effects? I do this occasionally.

I am not aware that it does.

I guess I misunderstood your earlier comment. Never mind.

Potential advantages:

  • “Cholesterol hypothesis”

Potential disadvantages:

  • According to Matt Kaeberlein and many other aging researchers, combining multiple drugs is not predictable (they can be beneficial, neutral and even harmful - net effect of lifespan shortening) - even if 2 drugs alone extend lifespan of mice, sometimes when they are combined, they cancel each other or harm
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Possibly i think the physiological sigh is one of the tools for moving from sympathetic to parasympathetic state with a reduction in cortisol

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