Asking for your help to save the Dog Aging Project


Follow the money. It tells all you need to connect the dots…

Not sure what you’re suggesting here? The Dog Aging project is an academic effort to understand aging in dogs.

it has a small cohort (I think its around 400 dogs in the rapamycin lifespan test group, out of a total of 10,000+ dogs in the trial).

David Barzelai is a doctor who is enthusiastic about rapamycin as a potential longevity drug.

Funding is being shut off for the Dog Aging Project, and they need additional money to keep going.

I support this effort. Do you not support it for some reason?



I support the Dog project. I signed the petition and reposted it on Twitter. My dog is on rapamycin and I really would like to know if rapamycin extends dogs’ lives. If the project is terminated we’ll never know.


The reason for defunding is obvious.

And those reasons for defending are?

(It’s not so obvious what you are implying.)


I have heard from different researchers, that they do not like the data being measured in this study. Some people feel the data received will not be valuable as it is too vague.

I believe that NIA funding comes from general government funding (general fund, from taxes from all sources).

I think you’re talking about fees to the FDA paid by pharmaceutical companies. The FDA is under the PHS (Public Health System) under the DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services). Source: Food and Drug Administration - Medical Technology Assessment Directory - NCBI Bookshelf.

So - the FDA is entirely separate branch of government, with no funding interrelationships with the NIH/NIA (National Institutes of Health / National Institutes on Aging).

So - the thousands of people, and billions of dollars, are in entirely different groups. so I can’t see how one would affect the other…

and, for those who want to support the dog aging project:

(1) Please consider signing the petition to the NIH Director here:…

(2) Please consider sending an email to your elected representatives here:…


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Signed the petition today, hope everyone on this forum does the same

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Does anyone know how far the rapamycin arm of the DAP got before funding ran out? Were they able to get any useful data?

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