Are there any European countries where you can get met/rapa/cana OTC rather than Rx-only? Serbia? Cyprus?

just wondering for my next eurotour

Canagliflozin - A One Month Report, Its Good - Self-Experimentation - Age Reversal Forum => he got cana in spain without Rx

I can confirm that in Romania it’s easy to buy metformin OTC. You rarely get asked for a prescription. I have also heard of people buying rapamycin OTC in Romania but am less certain of whether that was luck or if it’s very common to not be asked for a prescription. Prices aren’t the cheapest though (I see rapamycin listed at about 115 USD for 30x1 mg pills). They aren’t very strict about these things in Romania AFAIK.

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Is there any problem bringing these meds home. Customs?

you can also get cheap metformin in Mexico border towns without prescription. Park on the US side and walk across the border to towns such as Los Algodones,

I think as long as the quantity is reasonable (3 to perhaps 6 months supply? but I’m not sure how much they check in terms of dosing/pill number, etc.) I think you are usually OK.

But, Just as is the case when people order from India, etc. - I think it depends on the quantity, and also a lot of personal discretion by the border personnel. It may also depend on the border crossing… my parents used to say many people in Arizona would cross over the Mexican border to buy their medications… its a huge business:

Also, keep in mind you are only allowed up to a 90-day supply of prescriptions to carry back across the border, so don’t purchase too much medicine. The border agents will confiscate the excess drugs.