Anyone using/subscribe to "Function Health's"?

As in my view the testing that is offered with the annual subscription fee($499) is worth the cost.


I saw your earlier message on this topic here: The Real Life Diet of Longevity Doctor Mark Hyman, Who Developed a Six-Pack in His 60s (GQ) - #7 by Joseph

Thanks so much for posting the list of tests that they provide twice per year for that fee:

Here’s a list of the Add-on tests and their prices ; over and above that initial list of tests.
1. Multi-Cancer Detection Test, $899
2. Sexual Health Panel, $49
3. Alzheimer’s Risk test, $129
4. Celiac Test to screen for gluten intolerance, $69
5. Lyme Disease test, $49
6. Additional Heavy Metal & Mineral tests, $149 (includes: Arsenic | Aluminum | Selenium | Iodine | Copper) *Your membership includes mercury and lead tests, and a full thyroid panel
7. Food Allergy (IgE) test, $149 (includes: Almond | Cashew Nut | Clam | Codfish | Cow’s Milk | Crab | Egg White | Hazelnut | Lobster | Peanut | Salmon | Scallop | Sesame Seed | Shrimp | Soybean | Tuna | Walnut | Wheat)
8. Indoor & Outdoor Allergy (IgE) test, $169 (includes: Mold | Cat dander | Dog dander | House dust | Insect and venom | Storage mites | Select grasses, trees and weeds based on your region | over 20+ allergens)
9. Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) test, $99
10. Pregnancy Test, Free

I think this is really interesting… but I have not yet had a chance to review the specifics of each test and compare them to other options that I really want and need. So I will be doing that at some point.

The key issue is if the costs from other groups (LifeExtension, etc.) of the tests I really need and want are anywhere near this total of $499. Right now I typically just get the basic blood panel (CBC) and the CRP/hsCRP, and APOB on a regular basis… so the question for me is how much I want / need all these other tests.

I’ve not yet decided that.