Anyone have/own a VO2 Max testing system?

As in the subject line.

If you do which system do you have?

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Interested in the responses here as well. I thought with the arduino 3d printing community there would be a decent home made version that could be constructed but it must be a little more complicated to measure volume and % O2 in humid air reliably in a mask environment.

I found one for sale but they want 7500 for their “kit” (Vo2 master analyzer). I came to the conclusion that the cheapest way to determine vo2 max during exercise is to measure blood lactate. Of course that just tells you when effort-wise you are hitting vo2 max, not what your vo2 max is.

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I am aware of this{the VO2 Master Analyzer] unit/system.

Yes, the “VO2 Master Analyzer” cost CAD 7,550.00 as of 04/30/2023

If you have not read.

The article below is about how it was developed

The most cost effective way to get Vo2 Max measures is from an exercise physiology lab at a community college or state university or medical school. For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, you have the following options (just some I’m aware of):


Just check the colleges/universities and medical schools in your area.


You can get VO2 max readings from the calibre bio device. It does inverse calorimetry and seems to be very cool. (I have no affiliation, am just a user.) You can get it here for $400. Calibre™ : Real-Time Metabolic Fitness Tracker - Calibre Biometrics

I believe that the IOS version of the app is much more stable than the android version.


This looks like an interesting piece of equipment. Do we know how accurate it is?

According to this page ( How does Calibre™ work? | Calibre Biometrics ) it is 99.5 percent accurate. I believe that refers to total respiratory rate and total calorie burn. I was told verbally that separating things into fat burn vs. carb burn is harder and a bit less accurate.


Accurate VO2 max measurements have been out of reach for consumers for a while, so if this works it would be ab invaluable tool. I’d love to get my hands on something like this, but I wonder if they’re overpromising. Thanks for the link though, looks really interesting.

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