Anyone Have Experience with Self-decode?

I had a legacy free membership which will convert to paid if I want to retain it.

Their service profile has grown considerably in the past few years. You can now upload your personal lab tests (as many as you want, it will track them over time) and DNA files and will receive detailed analyses and recommendations based on them, including now the option to consult with one of their third-party providers. I have a few thoughts and opinions about the service but they are based on limited interactions.

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Can you post your thought please. I tried the free reports based om my 23andMe data and was not really impressed

Their DNA export to txt doesn’t work with ANY site, eg or ANY other site. I regret going with them for this.

What the company is trying to accomplish is a laudable effort that would be more useful if they had the various analytic and service dimensions integrated at a higher level. At this point, it falls well short of that.

The DNA reports overinterpret specific SNPs and there is no higher level integration across large patterns of SNPs, which is where current science is.

I uploaded three years worth of comprehensive blood test values. The reports produced are somewhat valuable as a scan but they often overinterpret. For example, I was put on notice for an out of bounds RDW reading when it is actually within bounds and in the context of related values, is perfectly normal. As with DNA, there is no higher level integration. In contrast, with a well-designed series of prompts, you can query the possible interpretations of a half dozen related blood test values in GPT-4 and receive five possible interpretations of the multi-test profile, arrayed in order of probability, and pointing to additional test values that would be helpful. I have found these LLM analyses to be quite comprehensive and accurate. In my experience, GPT’s analysis and synthesis exceeds what you are likely to get from the average physician. Self-Decode is nowhere near that level of capability.

The one area that I found Self-Decode handy is visually inspecting multiple years of data for a test value but you can also do that with a spreadsheet or, better still, BI software such as PowerBI.

I might recommend Self-Decode to a beginner who was interested in getting started on self-management for longevity but lacked the disposition to do the work for themselves. It is not a scam and th epeople seem sincere, just not ready for prime time.

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