Anyone have an updated list of Ray Kurzweil’s supplement list and know what peptides he uses?

I searched on the internet but got bombed by SEO optimized sites trying to click me through to Amazon for their referral commission.

I was also surprised that he does use peptides (mentioned quickly on Joe Rogan podcast) although I don’t know which or his position on Rapamycin.

I have a spreadsheet of Brian Johnsons supplements and wanted to cross reference.

Thanks in advance

Hi partner on the two early longevity books - Terry Grossman, MD shared his protocol recently - while it may not be the same as Ray’s you might want to look at that

Think it was @Joseph_Lavelle that posted it here on the Forum


Yes - here is Terry Grossman’s protocol: Which supplements do you think are still worth taking? - #312 by Joseph_Lavelle

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Much appreciated. It’s that biannual time where I invest the time to research and tweak my daily stack. Here’s a copy of the Blueprint regimen. Note that I had ChatGPT add a column at the end for purpose of each supplement. I use as reference only. And of course, this list was found on the internet so take it with a grain of salt. Cheers
Copy Vitamin and Supplements tracker Brian Johnson Blueprint.xlsx (13.3 KB)


but no supplement list…

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Thanks. He has a new book coming out so he’s doing the podcast circuit. I had corresponded with him about 20 years ago about using HGH (he was bearish back then).

I’ll post should I find something.

He mentioned using peptides which I’ve had an eye on for a while.