Anybody get, umm, "toe charliehorses"?

I’m not positive this has anything to do with takin’ rapa. (5mg each Sunday am.) but I’ll be just layin on the ole couch and one of my middle toes (never my big toe, just one of the others, maybe the one next to pinky toe most often?) will tighten up and I’ll have to stand up to sooth it. I’m 57 and in pretty much ok health, 6’ 170lb. Anybody else notice this sort of thing?
I’ve had charliehorses on very rare occasion in the past with my calf muscle. This is exclusively the tendons in my feet leading to my littler toes. Weird.

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I tend to get these when I’m low on potassium. Eat a banana and I stop getting them. More info here:

interesting - thanks! couldn’t hurt ta eata banana :slight_smile:

i’ll give it a shot.

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My mother was pointing out something like that, though I think on one of her fingers.

My mother had it. She’s 90 and takes Rapa.


For the first year of Rapa I had trouble with cramps. My doc told me to increase my Magnesium in order to increase my potassium. I read some stuff about that too at the time and it said the same thing.

The problem disappeared over time.

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thanks. i also find i can often, umm, “relax them away” pretty often. but it sure is weird.

Seems like a B-12 deficiency to me. Do you eat a lot of meat?

i prob eat plenty of meat. i love a good ribeye - probably at least once a week and even liver on occasion. and home made chili pretty often.

It sounds like you may have enough B-12 then. You should check your calcium and magnesium levels. Or just take a supplement and see if it helps.

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