Any role for lower than usual doses of SGLT-2 inhibitors?

I’m wondering if there is any benefit to using lower-dose SGLT-2 inhibitors (e.g. 50mg canagliflozin or 5mg empagliflozin).

Lowering the dose could be a good way to reduce side-effects such as fatigue / hypoglycemia/ UTI. Perhaps by using a combination of different interventions all at lower doses could produce benefits with few side effects?(e.g. 50mg cangliflozin + 0.0625mg semaglutide + 50mg +200mg metformin)

Or do you feel that this is pointless, and a better way to use SGLT-2 inhibitors is to cycle its use with periods on it at the usual dose and then off it for some time?

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Generally I would think a lower dose would still help lower serum glucose, but only way to be sure would be continuous glucose monitor.

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