Any Rapamycin users have high Lymphocytes?

My Lymphocytes are 8.7 (range: 10-40). Lymphocytes Absolute are 0.7 (range: 1.2-3.7). Since this is a measure of white blood cell count (immune function) it concerns me. Not sure if there could somehow be a connection to the vaccine which seems counter intuitive to me.

Interesting. I am almost sure rapamycin decreases my lymphocytes.

My Lymphocytes count has gone from 31 to 35, while my Lymphocites Absolute have gone from 1.7 to 1.8, over the past two years as I’ve increased my dose from 5mg/week to 10mg week (not sure if there is any correlation obviously).

Interesting. I have seen reports here of exactly the opposite effect on not only lymphocytes but also on eGFR. Some including myself have seen an increase in eGFR and some have seen a decrease.

I’ve also only seen an increase (from 31 to 39). There may be other factors (my RDW also went down).

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Interesting and encouraging, thanks everyone. I’ll test again in a month and see if it was an anomaly.
BTW, obviously I meant to type 8.7 not “87” in my original post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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