Any Rapamycin study that show that it has anti-inflammatory properties?

I’m searching for a good study which show that Rapamycin has anti-inflammatory properties. Does there exist any good ones?

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A quick look didn’t yield much but, this article seems to think the anti-inflammatory effects of rapamycin are a given.

One more:
"Rapamycin inhibits the formation and development of atherosclerosis (AS) by promoting vasorelaxation, inhibiting monocyte recruitment, inhibiting VSMCs de-differentiation, reducing inflammatory immune response, decreasing foam cell formation, inhibiting platelet activation, enhancing autophagy, and inhibiting senescence and apoptosis.

“Second, rapamycin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects that might directly produce antidepressant effects”


Just saw this… @Krister_Kauppi did you ever find a good study on rapamycin reducing inflammation. Perhaps a question for Joan Mannick?

It seems it may be one of the pathways for reduced Alzheimers for rapamycin users…

Common neuropsychiatric symptoms that doctors see in Alzheimer’s disease patients originate from brain inflammation rather than amyloid and tau proteins, report University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers today in JAMA Network Open.

Original Research: Open access.
Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Microglial Activation in Patients with Alzheimer Disease” by Cristiano Aguzzoli et al. JAMA Network Open

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