Any questions to ask longevity researcher Pankaj Kapahi?

This week I will interview for the Rapamycin Master Series podcast the longevity researcher Pankaj Kapahi at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Are there any questions you want me to ask him?

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  1. Could you discuss some of the specific physiological and molecular processes that are influenced by nutrients and their impact on organismal health and survival?
  2. How do you collaborate with other groups to undertake interdisciplinary approaches to translate your findings from multiple models to humans?
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How do we balance mTOR1 activation and the current European suggestion of 1gr of protein per Kg of body weight? There seems to be a conflict between suppressing mTOR1 and the relatively high protein intake suggested for the elderly.



Can you elaborate little bit more in detail what you are thinking of regarding question 1?

Very interesting question!

PS. I think you missed a word in the first sentence? “Protein”?

Yes, thank you, I edited it to include the word protein.

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By the way have you Peter Attia’s podcast where he interviewed Matt Kaeberlein and they talked about protein intake and little bit about the conflicting data. Here is the timestamp where they start to talk about it and it’s quite interesting

Sure, I read the link you provided to Dr Kapahi’s profile and noticed this sentence:

I think it would be interesting to hear him to speak to how fat metabolism, circadian clocks, advanced glycation end products, calcification, and intestinal permeability, are influenced by nutrients to impact organismal health and survival.

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Please ask him if he knows of any companies developing this as a service or product: Retinal scans: A non-invasive, inexpensive method to track human aging