Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Lipid-Lowering Drugs and Supplements—A Narrative Review

…“Based on the aforementioned findings, the aim of the present narrative review is to evaluate the anti-inflammatory properties of currently available lipid-lowering medications.”…


The effects of every single drug should be tested against the effects of not taking the drug and instead engaging in regular high-intensity exercise and avoiding ultraprocessed garbage foods. I am in the latter group and my CRP levels are extremely low.

In this review, it was shown that statins demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects through multiple different mechanisms; however, it is still a matter of debate as to what extent these effects are driven by the drug itself. Positive anti-inflammatory effects of ezetimibe have been documented in animal models, as well as when it was administered in combination with statins. For PCSK9 inhibitors, there are some data suggesting possible alterations in inflammatory marker levels; however, further studies should provide deeper insight. Among omega-3 fatty acids, IPE offers promising results. On the other hand, the role of some lipid-lowering drugs such as BAS, fibrates, novel lipid-lowering drugs, and supplements in decreasing inflammation is questionable and requires further evaluation.