Anti-ageing drugs could make more organs viable for transplants (NewScientist)

Well, I guess this is good news. As we get older, we can still give our organs to younger people when we no longer need them :wink:

More broadly, its good news that the testing of senolytics continues to bear fruit.

When an organ from an older donor is transplanted into a younger person, senescent cells in the transplanted organ can activate senescence in the recipient’s own cells. This “transfer” of ageing can worsen the outcome of the transplantation or even elicit an immune response that results in rejection of the donated organ.

Stefan Tullius at Harvard Medical School and his colleagues have succeeded in stopping this transfer process in mice using senolytics, a new class of drugs that selectively clear away senescent cells. Their research will be presented at the European Society for Organ Transplantation Congress in Athens, Greece, on 18 September.

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