Another outstanding Robert H. Lustig video

In my view well worth watching.

“Cariology and Cardiology Chronic Disease and the Toxic Food Environment.”


I really like this guy. Can’t believe I watched the whole thing even though I knew it all anyway. Good to hear it delivered like that.

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I haven’t watched it yet but I already like the title, it’s what I have been saying for a long time, if food rots your teeth it probably isn’t good for the rest of your body either

Yes, this was presented to a group of healthcare professional.

Sadly in the past, fructose was promoted by many health food advocates, such as Adele Davis, as a healthy sugar, because it was a “natural” sugar from fruits.

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Lmao his "meta analysis of 41 drug drials " at 34:12, was actually just a study with a table with 44 trials but no meta analysis.


His “meta analysis” is actually arguing against meta analyis as a method:




FWIW. This is an interesting rebuttal to Lustigs claims on the Huberman podcast from Layne Norton PhD.

Powerful stuff. I’m leaning to Norton over Lustig on this one.