Another List of Test Panels for Longevity


Came across “another” list of testing panels for longevity.

Your thought/views?

PhysioAge Test Panels - PhysioAge Test Panels.pdf (81.7 KB)


Thx. Do they offer this list - the immune sentence tests would be interesting to know more about.

Located surfing, appears to be a test aggregation service.

Service is too expensive{in my view} $300 per month minimum, not including any testing.
Did not look any further

Was on one of the companies /organization site that participated in the Sapere Bio, SapereX testing.
The paper(about SapereX testiing) is posted in another thread.

From the above posted list;

Advanced Immune Health
CD3 Count, %
T Cell Ratio
NK Cells count, %
B-Cells count, %
Helper T-Cells count, %
Suppressor T-Cells count, %
Healthy Suppressor T-Cells count, %
*Senescent Suppressor Cells count, %
*Senescent Suppressor Cells / T-Cells
*Senescent Suppressor Cells / % Of T-cells
Naive Suppressor Cells count, %
Naive Suppressor Cells / T-Cell Count
Naive Suppressor Cells / % Of T-cells

I assume that some of the measurement are from the SapereX test*.


a bit overwhelming…yet I didn’t notice anyone offering a test for an assessment of mortality called MVX that I read about here in the Lancet: Multimarkers of metabolic malnutrition and inflammation and their association with mortality risk in cardiac catheterisation patients: a prospective, longitudinal, observational, cohort study. The supplementary material spells out the formula used for MVX.

It is also partly opaque to me why they choose some of the markers in the formula.


It took youtube a while to get to it:

Now I want to find my MVX.

It’s in the lancet:


By the way, the chart about a third of the way through the video is the one I was referring to that I lost a couple days ago:


This is percent contribution to 5 year all cause mortality. Basically 3 parts MVX, 1 part Age and you can’t even see the cholesterol, family history,previous MI,CAD bars at all. Insignificant. I’m still working on it.



Thank you for sharing the equations. I can not understand them and therefore not comprehend the contribution of leucin, Valine, isoleucine, citrate and others. I wonder if someone here is more capable in analysing the equations?

@Bicep I’m interested in this. Thanks for sharing. Labcorp was the sponsor…perhaps they offer the test(s) needed to perform this calculation

GlycA is a measure of the complexity of your glycans which measures inflammation:

Also it’s an NMR thing, which again I don’t understand at all.

How do the branched chain amino acids and citrate help with nutrition? I always thought leucine was bad and valine was good, but I’m not an expert on this either.

It looks like something useful when they get a little more experience with it, I don’t know whether we can get it done out here in the sticks for a while. I guess Omaha has labcorp, so that wouldn’t be so bad.

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