An Award for Dr. Miller

I was thinking that maybe we could show our appreciation to Dr. Miller and his team by giving him an award on behalf of I would pay the costs of making it, and the community could help determine what goes on it? What do you think?

I was thinking of an engraved bobblehead of the Moai Easter Island Statue that is the icon for or an elderly mouse statuette. Something that is whimsical yet memorable and could be used as a talking piece that he could keep in his lab or office. Thoughts? If you have a great idea for something, please post it here.


Something like this.

11 Moai Head Statue From Easter Island High Quality 3D - Etsy

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Price: CAD 59.00


It’s a great idea!

Design Toscano Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith Garden Statue, Extra Extra Large, 48 Inch, Polyresin, Grey Stone


48 inches is pretty tall!!!

It’s a beautiful sculpture for yard/garden. Thinking about buying for myself.


A rapamycin-specific award may not be the best choice. Dr. Miller was instrumental in pushing for, designing, and implementing the ITP, but rapamycin (like all the other molecules tested) wasn’t his idea: it was nominated by Z. Dave Sharp, who was awarded an honorable mention MPrize for doing so. Rapamycin was the big breakthrough, but an award should really recognize his work for the ITP writ large, or for his even longer track record of pushing for working seriously on intervening in aging instead of just studying it, starting back when that was a fairly radical position.

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Yes, but we are The award is coming from us, and I’d like it to be something that symbolizes our site and how we are thankful to him. Nothing says Rapamycin like a Moai statue.

I had thought about a statue of an old mouse standing up holding a cane as well. If someone can find a good statue of that…

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I’m in favor…and I would donate

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