Alcohol and Rapamycin equals Headache

An interesting finding from my experience taking rapamycin. I’ve found to avoid alcohol on days when you take rapamycin.

I don’t drink too often, but will have a drink on the weekends. I usually dose rapa on the weekends to separate it from my exercise workouts. Usually when I take rapamycin I have no side effects at 8mg. However, I have learned that if I have alcohol on the day I take rapa it results in a headache. So avoid drinking in the 24 hours around your dose.


I took Rapamycin and am for other reasons not drinking today. I have not, however, found that Rapamycin has any effect on alcohol. I tend not to get hangovers, but that is mainly because of the other things I take to accelerate acetaldehyde metabolism.

What are those hangover ‘accelerators’? I dont have any additional hangover issues but would be useful to know. Is this NAD?

Pantethine, DHM, Bae, Molybdenum (careful with the latter).

I’ve had alcohol on days I’ve taken Rapamycin and can’t say I have noticed anything different

Why “be careful” with Molybdenum

As with most things you can take too much, but even 0.5mg per day might be too much leading to excessive urate.

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Helpful, thanks. Will check them out

Do you have a good source for DHM? I find it quite hard to find a reliable source for DHM.

There are various. I use Double Wood normally. I think I get it from Desert Cart. There is also Raisin Tree. I don’t buy it from Ebay, but here’s an Ebay link

I am in the UK.

Hello, may I ask if pantothenamine is vitamin B5? What is BAE?

Pantethine is a form of vitamin B5. It is normally more expensive than Pantethenoic acid which is what people normally get when they ask for B5.

Pantethine, however, is not rate limited in the process of creating Coenzyme-A so it has different effects.

Bae is also known as Korean Pear