ALCAR - Acetyl-L-carnitine

I have supplemented with Alcar for a while. There are arguments it is helpful for brain function.

However, recently both Mike Lustgarten and Chris Masterjohn have put out analyses that may indicate Alcar is something not to supplement.

This video from @ConquerAging raises concerns about increasing levels of acyl Carnitines (Acetyl is a type of Acyl)

Chris Masterjohn also put out a video looking at metabolic disorders in which Alcar was mentioned as something that makes mitochondria less efficient in certain circumstances.

I have, therefore, decided to put alcar on pause and I wonder what views other people have.

Alcar is a natural part of metabolism, but obviously supplementing it can enchance its effects.

On the other hand that may be something it is work doing:

l-carnitine is one of the key nutrients for proper mitochondrial function and is notable for its role in fatty acid oxidation. l-carnitine also plays a major part in protecting cellular membranes, preventing fatty acid accumulation, modulating ketogenesis and glucogenesis and in the elimination of toxic metabolites.

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I have it but I have never tried it. I tend to be vary of anything that is effective in clinical trials if there isn’t very good safety data. Downside risk is very important to me.

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