Air pollution and the effects on health

No, I am not part of the HK propaganda machine nor a member of the CCP. I do love HK as it is my home and I feel it has a lot to offer me and my family. There are pros and cons, but for me the pros are better. That’s why I’m still here.

I do believe the longevity statistics about HK. There are a ton of oldies out here. However while the lifespan may be long, healthspan may be lacking.

Not sure if I’d have to open a new thread for this: but what kind of face masks do you wear if you are outdoors in a polluted area - if any? Just a (K)N95?
After reading up (too much) on microplastics found in lung tissues etc, I prefer a mask without any microplastics. Must be impossible to find, I bet :no_mouth:

My wife is part-time RN, kidney dialysis, & wearing masks all the time at work, is problematic. Yes, many plastic particles, so one wonders the net benefits.

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Sorry to hear about your wife’s health issues, Mike.
You should think there should be ‘healthier’ alternatives out there, but I’m wondering the same thing that you state about the net benefits.

Thanks, but my wife is an RN at Kidney Dialysis clinics; she does not have kidney issues.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding!

I think air quality is almost universally poor, if not dangerous. For years I’ve used HEPA filters, (3-stage) 24/7, and past few years, the better ones have added ultra-violet filter (UV-C light.)

There are various monitoring / testing devices to check air quality.

Compounding the issue are chemicals added to rugs, couches, etc. At much higher prices, there are also paints one could use for interior rooms, including lines carried by traditional paint manufacturers.

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Absolutely true - albeit unfortunately it took me a while to figure that out. Once you start going down the rabbit hole of issues with paint, even wallpaper and indeed rugs etc, it won’t make you too happy.

Admittedly I’m starting to get frustrated by the fact that I lost access to clean air, clean water, unspoiled nature, up to the extent that I’m seriously considering moving to a very rural area.

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