Air pollution and the effects on health

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Impact of air pollution on cardiovascular aging


  • Air pollution, especially particulate matter, is a leading environmental health risk factor

  • Air pollution and aging as well as cardiovascular aging share common pathomechanisms such as oxidative stress and inflammation

  • Air pollution may affect the genetic aging pathway (e.g. telomere length)

  • Air pollution largely affects the damage accumulation aging pathway (e.g. oxidative or DNA damage)

  • Air pollution may be associated with decreased lifespan, and shorter healthspan


Possibly impairing cognitive benefits of exercise because of air pollution:

Results: UFPM concentrations were significantly higher in the urban environment compared with the rural environment (P = 0.006). Fitness levels improved equally (P < 0.0001) in both groups. Leukocyte counts (P = 0.02), neutrophil counts (P = 0.04), and exhaled nitric oxide levels (P = 0.002) increased after training in the urban group, whereas these parameters did not change in the rural group. The changes in these markers’ levels after training showed a positive correlation with the personal average UFPM exposure during training. Reaction times on the Stroop task improved in the rural group (P = 0.001), but not in the urban group. No effects were found on BDNF levels, Operation Span, and Psychomotor Vigilance test performances.

Conclusion: Aerobic training in an urban environment with high traffic-related air pollution increased inflammatory biomarkers, and, in contrast to aerobic training in a rural environment, cognitive performance on the Stroop task did not improve.

I use a good air purifier and have it on all the time on low setting.


We need to worry about the climate as well.

This bodes I’ll for the rest of the country.