Agmatine sulfate activates MTORC1

I would love to hear pros and cons from the group about this supplement and anyone taking it, how they took it, what for and dosage. I am looking at it as a pre workout.

It seems to have a lot of positive benefits, but I read it activates MTORC1 which is opposite of Rapamycin.

This article discusses Agmatine sulfate as a fast response antidepressant by activating mTOR:
Agmatine as a novel candidate for rapid-onset antidepressant response - PMC.

Does that mean inhibiting mTOR could cause depression?


Based on preliminary data with ketamine + rapamycin it seems that it can enhance the anti-depressant effect of that therapy, so I don’t think the opposite might be true, as ketamine also activates mTOR. But it might be because of other mechanisms.

See this thread also:

Or this video from that thread:

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At least rapamycin usage is associated with higher depression rates i beleive. Also it is listed as a side effect. But as @AnUser said nothing is settled on mTOR and depression.
This topic is also briefly discussed in latest Attia podcast on rapamycin.

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Since it is very similar to Arginine, not surprised that it stimulates mTorc1

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