AgingDoc Consultations - My Experience

Yesterday I had the pleasure and good fortune to have a private phone consultation with the famous and extremely well informed Agingdoc- real name David Barzilai MD, PHD. It’s virtually impossible to find a medical doctor well versed in all things health and life extension related, and certainly you won’t find one as informed as David.

He has vast knowledge of the medical literature, second to none, and this is clear if you’ve ever visited his Twitter site, agingdoc1, where, on a daily basis, he posts numerous up to date studies in the longevity field.

I found him to be refreshingly humble, engaging, and incredibly informed. I recommend for anyone interested in this type of thing to visit his Twitter site and give it a try.


Any relation to Nir?

No relation to Nir. I wondered that myself.


Thank you for the kind words Paul!

It’s nice to be introduced into the community. I popped in to introduce myself formally, with more info on my webpage if you like. Feel free to skip, but I’m providing it just in case someone here finds it useful.

I do not prescribe rapamycin or any medications since I am not operating under my medical license but instead as a “health coach” and “health consultant.”

As part of this I CAN and DO discuss the literature and potential regimens related to off-label use of potential geroprotectors like rapamycin (I never “endorse” or “recommend”, but I can discuss freely and get “deep in the weeds”) among many other health practices.

I can also offer my perspective on a wide gamut of health practices from meds to “biohacks,” and the evidence-based health literature, healthspan and life extension.

I absolutely LOVE working with educated intelligent consumers, which tend to be those who seek me out from following me online

As an out-of-pocket so-called “concierge service” for the 45 minute sessions, I generally have easy, quick availability with appointments via online scheduling to reserve your spot. It’s only 45 minutes sessions at a time so people do as much or as little as they want. Once in, it’s easier to schedule follow-ups directly yourself.

My goal is for everyone to be happy and have an A+ experience (it’s a passion project for me, so I also get to meet very interesting people already very much into health like me; seeking knowledge and practices for feeling great [or as good as possible for us] and thriving at our best is a wonderful “obsession” and hobby, in my humble opinion.

Sessions are private/anonymous, and I will not accept 3rd party advertisement, affiliate marketing, sponsors, etc. I want to help free from commercial interest and remain as unbiased as possible and thinking about the evidence, practices, etc. with you.

Every person is unique and presents a potential for me to help in some way. I consider this an honor as well as a lot of fun!

In any case, here are a few quick links in case anyone wants to learn more :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes on your health journey! :sunglasses:


David Barzilai “Agingdoc”


PS- I’m new, so I can only put in two links at a time! Two others if you like videos:

[ Quick link to website is AGINGDOC . COM )

Best wishes,



Welcome AgingDoc! David, we love your work on Twitter and appreciate all that you do.

Will you be putting your podcasts onto the main podcast platforms (apple, google, Spotify, etc.) in addition to the videos on YouTube?

Keep up the great work.

I’ve been following “AgingDoc” on twitter for years, and he provides fantastic commentary on the longevity field and new research, etc. Obviously a very knowledgeable, passionate and high quality source of information.

For people who are not yet following him, here is his twitter page:



This thread is updated from time-to-time here:

Just wanted to thank you and say bye (off to healthspan/longevity consult and podcast work) but if anyone needs to reach me for followup with this thread they can always pop on Twitter or my page.

Best wishes everyone!

-Agingdoc :lab_coat: