AgelessRx rapamycin study?

Hi, my Rapafriends! What do we know about the AgelessRx people and their “invitation” to participate in a rapamycin “study”–which seems to involve choosing one of two protocols, completing a questionnaire and an “interview” with one of their “staff” to determine whether we “qualify,” then receiving rapa (either “generic” or “compounded” in varying dosages) monthly from them (for a fee), blood tests, side-effect monitoring, etc. I’m placing several words in quotation marks so as to indicate that something seems a bit fishy with their site, the invitation itself, and what they’re requesting in order to qualify–most especially: up front payment before proceeding with determining whether we qualify. And if it’s a legit study, why are we paying for the rapa? I’m not saying that I won’t pay (I already purchase my rapa, obviously), but I don’t really understand who these people are. Does anyone have any intel on this? Thanks ever so much, and I hope everyone is doing well.

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I think you are talking about their “observational initiative” - is that correct? Observational Initiative | AgelessRx

They are a legitimate group, I think Matt Kaeberlein may be on their advisory board and his company (Optispan) is (I believe) an investor in AgelessRX. More details on Optispan here: About us - Optispan

One of their founders, Sajad Zalzala, MD, @szalzala has participated in the forum here - see here: Bioavailability of Rapamycin From Compounding Pharmacy - #32 by szalzala

I think this may be how they decided to start offering rapamycin initially this way, to convey the users preliminary nature of the human longevity research status of rapamycin.

AgelessRX is a startup company - they are also doing the PEARL study also PEARL Trial to Prolong Life With Longevity Products | AgelessRx

I think like most startup companies, they don’t have a ton of extra cash for clinical trials (especially on generic drugs) so they are trying to bootstrap the process, and also hand-hold customers more so than a regular pharmacy that might just send you the medications and forget about you. This way they track you and probably provide more feedback along the way.


Once again, RapAdmin, you’ve come through for me, as well as for all of us! Thanks so much for all the info. I’m relieved to know they’re legit, and it looks like they can provide rapa less expensively than where I’m currently sourcing it (from RiteAid, as prescribed by my doc). I’ve already applied to participate in their observational initiative, so I’ll keep everyone posted as I make my way through the process.

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These are discount card prices as of 10/25/2023
for the North New Jersey area, prices change according to zip code.

30x 1mg tablet generic Sirolimus

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Thanks, Joseph! I think I’m paying somewhere around $150 for 30 1mg tabs, if memory serves. (I’m so used to buying them that I’ve sort of forgotten what I’m paying for them!) I just signed up with the AgelessRx folks (since our RapAdmin verified their validity), and we’ll see whether I qualify to receive rapa from them. Looks like the price may be similar to what I’m paying, but this might be an easier source; plus, if I qualify, I’ll be able to participate in their somewhat informal “observational initiative,” and hopefully help to advance our knowledge of dosing schedules, side effects, etc. I’ll keep everyone posted as to what happens next. Evidently, my application is being reviewed right now.

I also take metformin, and while it’s not a particularly expensive drug, I’ve still applied to receive it through AgelessRx, so that I might be able to participate in their data collection. (Again, my app is pending.) Thanks again for your input, Joseph!

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I get my Rapa from AgelessRx. I like that their price includes pretty extensive bloodwork every 3 months. They have been very professional. Yes, it’s unusual to pay to be in a medical/observational trial, but I assumed it’s because they’re a startup. I feel more comfortable going through the process with them because they are doing the PEARL trial, and very much on the frontlines of Rapa science.


Thanks so much for responding, RapaHound! I think I’ll probably be joining you, assuming I qualify–and I can’t imagine not qualifying, since I’ve already been taking rapa for the past year. I appreciate your reassurance!


Curious, what blood tests do they include?

The include the list on the study page: PEARL Trial to Prolong Life With Longevity Products | AgelessRx

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