Ageless - An Upcoming Longevity Movie

This looks really good - we need more high quality documentaries like this:

I really like the theme of this group and what they are doing:

I think the Ageless documentary is being produced by the Jellyfish DAO group, here is a recent hosted discussion they had:


And a video about the group creating these movies:


Another longevity movie (I think partly funded by Jellyfish DAO) currently being worked on (its based on a short film, not being turned into a feature length film):

From the Creator:

I have a movie that I’m developing around longevity, based on a short film that I did a few years back. It’s called the last generation to die working on the feature version of it, and it’s about a scientist who tries to save her father. She’s working at a biotech company with the first significant anti-aging trial. Tries to get him on and there’s a lot of back and forth and um, you know, sort of gets into the conversation. Some of the philosophical stuff, some of the socio political stuff and All that good stuff I think you can check it out.

The website is.


I think this may be the best of this genre whenever it is finally released. Longevity Hackers.