Age Reversal Pill - Sinclair Cocktail

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What would happen if you took David Sinclair’s fictional age reversal pill at the same time you inject Harold Katcher’s E5 ?

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Dr. Sinclair is an incredibly accomplished scientist and an even more talented businessman, who managed to sell his resveratrol company Sirtris Pharmaceuticals for over half a billion dollars.
I can’t imagine how much money his new “age reversal pill” venture will make, I just hope this pill works out better for his many followers than resveratrol.


Yes… but he’s had lots of products that don’t pan out, Resveratrol didn’t pan out, and Sirtris never created a product that worked and GSK lost $700 Million+ on its purchase of Sitris… so David’s track record is not great in terms of longevity products. I can’t think of any significant longevity advancements or products that have come out of David’s research and have actually helped extend people’s lives yet - but there his hope. He has done a good job of getting people interested in the field of geroscience with his book and public relations.


Yes on the one hand he’s done much to raise awareness for the longevity field, on the other hand the resveratrol fiasco (for everyone besides the Sirtris cofounders) has probably set back investment into the field by several years. I really do hope his new pill is a genuine success, would do much to give the longevity field attention for its potential ROI, financial and beyond, that it deserves.