After Outlive, I read 12 other longevity books so you don't have to (Reddit)

People might like this short summary, from a post on Reddit:

Source Post on Reddit:


Thanks, that 'saves me a lot of reading time… and money.

Most of the information is pretty common… and some contradictory as expected among the gurus of anti-aging.


Not sure how good the summary is though? (Or if the person really read the books?)

Just as examples

Clearly Dr Sinclair is a massive believer in metformin, but that’s not in the list while “peanuts” are?

Clearly Longo’s book really spells out that when older one should increase protein intake, should if I recall correctly not CR at all, etc

Leading with Aubrey’s book without any comment on that it is almost 20 years old now and may not represent his current thinking and without a mention (?) that the book is not really about what interventions people should do, but rather focused on how the worlds scientists could embark on enabling longevity escape velocity throng SENS

Jim Mellons book I recall hit massive numbers of things not just those two senolytic agents

Similar Transcend has a massive number of strategies, tactics and dozens of supplements that it suggests and just repressing it with “Cruciferous vegetables; fruits high in antioxidants; water” feels crazy un-representative


See above - I don’t think it does unfortunately :frowning:

Also - exactly as you said because there are contractions - it helps to actually read and see what the data, mechanisms, caveats and rationale for each thing is - that can help us better way how we should make our calls on things

I think one of the risks with biohacking and why people like Brad S gives it/us a bad rap is if we take short cuts

I love how you often have shared how you are really data driven on the testing side

Think we should be on the input side too :wink:


Good point.

I prefer to listen to podcasts of the same people.

Information is current and they tell you everything with charts, graphs and case studies.

As a published writer myself… book are out of date as soon as they are printed… takes so long to pull together… and then… editing removes a lot of good stuff. It happens.

Even Dr. Peter Attia has provided much of his thoughts on The Drive… not into reading rehashing of the same information. Many writers give information from their N=1 perspectives, assuming what works for them is universal. It is not.

I like the current and brief… to the point articles and papers shown here on, I can cherry pick to try what makes sense.

And, your point… yes I trust my tests for me… N=1. But it is the one that matters most to me for my health and anti-aging journey.

Sharing is so others can see a range. I definitely think we are more different in phenotypes then people believe. We benefit from different diets, supplements and workouts.


@Agetron Makes a lot of sense. And agree that books (also older podcasts or older posts her on the forum) quickly can get out of date - facts/data wise at least, even if I still think the frameworks I read more than a decade ago in et Ending Aging and Transcend still are helpful when I evaluate/think about different longevity and health optimization things).