Advice request - Rapamycin & Osteoporosis

Hi all,
My wife started taking Rapacan 1.5 weeks ago. 3 months ago she experienced meniscus tear in both knees; anti-inflamatory medications have been ineffective; and we wish to avoid surgery if possible due to diagnosed underlying condition of osteoporosis. She is 45 and weights 53 kg.
Approximately 5 days after taking an initial dose of Rapacan (2mg) symptoms and pain significantly improved. This week increased dose to 3mg. Side effects experienced are dizziness and brain fog lasting approx 1 day after taking Rapacan. It’s manageable but a bit unpleasant.

Any advice or experience on this forum in relation to the effectiveness of Rapamycin in treating Osteoporosis? I’ve seen some papers detailing animal studies; but not seen much info in relation to human trials.
Based on body weight, what’s the weekly dose we should aim for here?
I know requesting medical advice / opinions is a sensitive area, but we’re just looking for a bit more information. Based on results so far, we’re willing to carefully experiment. We’re based in SE Asia so medical knowledge of using Rapamycin outside of it’s prescribed use is virtually zero here.
Any advice welcome.

Hi from another expat in SE Asia!

Dosages for Rapamycin are quite controversial, but the general rule of thumb is to increase your dosage until you hit a side-effect that you cannot tolerate. For many, that side-effect is higher triglycerides or cholesterol or blood sugar. Everyone will have their own different side-effect profile. For instance, I get canker sores, rashes, euphoric fatigue, etc… Getting frequent bloodwork will help you manage the effects on blood sugar and triglycerides.

Some of us will complement our Rapamycin with metformin or acarbose to handle the blood sugar and/or other supplements to manage triglycerides and cholesterol. Some studies have found combining Rapamycin with acarbose or metformin helps to synergize and enhance the effects.

Since there is no real danger of taking too much Rapamycin (at least in the short term), you can increase your dosage at a rate you like. For instance, I am taking 18 mg equivalent bi-weekly. If the pain gets better at higher dosages, I would keep increasing the dosage.

Most of us are taking either a large dose (15-20 mg) every 2 weeks or a smaller weekly dose (6-9 mg).

Hope this helps.

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