Advice on eating better

Hey everyone, I am just curious if you all have found good ways to stick to a good diet or just eating better in general/eating out less?
I typically cook food, but lately I have found myself just eating out more often than I like or craving more sugar than usual? I usually am budget conscious , but I am wondering any tips or tricks you have found from a personal standpoint to help cut down on bad eating / eating out?

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I have generally low appetite, mainly because I ingest lots of fibers from vegetables and fruits, that give me a very strong feeling of satiety


Do you eat specific fruits or veggies?

No specific veggies, I eat seasonal vegetables, so it changes with time.For the fruits, I love apple and peer, they have low glycemic index

My problem is opposite to you, because my stomach is full of fibers, I can’t eat too much, hence I often eat too little to get the Total Daily Energy Expenditure

So I also have walnuts powders 100g~250g per day to give me necessary Calorie a day

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How do you find it easier to replace the bad sugars for the good sugar(i.e. a cookie for like an apple or pear)? I love fruits and veggies but again just found myself wanting bad sugars lately. Also walnut powder? any reason for walnuts specifically and do you ground up your own walnuts or just buy it?I just never heard of walnut powder lol

Just make it easier to go for healthier foods. I just make sure I don’t buy any of the bad sugars / simple carbs, and fill up my house with fruits and veggies and nuts (Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, etc.), and occasionally the odd protein bar for when I’m off on longer bike rides, etc. its usually just an issue of convenience - you’ll eat what is close by, and if all thats close by is healthier foods - you’ll eat that.


I bought fresh walnuts powder from the local organic store, walnuts made up of 65% fat and 15% of protein, it’s a good source of fat, it has very high omega 3 6 ratio among nuts and seeds (1:4, omega3:omega6).
Take some examples, sesame omega 3 6 ratio is 1:67, sunflower seeds is 1:470, peanuts is about 1:5500

Walnuts are also beneficial to cardiovascular health and brain health

I used to eat rice as main calorie source, but I don’t eat rice now.
I eat walnuts instead, because it has high fat low carbohydrates compared to rice

You can also eat raw walnuts, however I find it’s convenient to drink with walnuts powder mixing in water.
If you don’t like walnuts powder, there are Nuts Butter, they are delicious, and I always eat nuts butter after weight training as calorie boost