Advice on dosing my Dog

Good Afternoon… I have a small 6 pound papillon dog 12 years old. He has been on Rapa .5 once per week per the vet. For 5 months now. The vet didn’t think I should do 3x per week because of his size. He gets very thirsty the day of dosing but haven’t really noticed any extra energy of improvement in physical condition ( he really is in pretty good shape to start) .5 is the smallest dose available in RAPA and it is a pretty big pill to get him to swallow. If I switch him to Everolimus they have dosage as small as .25 but that is not as potent. Should I get him .25 Everlimus? And go 3x per week? Or go up to .5? Also I think Everolimus can be split so I could get the .5 and adjust basd, on how he was doing?

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So your dog is 6lbs, or about 2.7 kg.
The dosing in the current dog aging project (TRIAD) is .15 mg/kg once per week, so that would translate to about .4 mg for your dog.

My dog is about 25 lbs, so about 11.3 kg, and that would translate to about 1.5 mg for my dog per week.

I actually dose her between 2 and 3 mg once per week and its been fine.

The typical rapamycin (siriolimus) tablets like Biocon and Zeds we buy from India are very small - about the size of baby aspirin - and my dog doesn’t even notice them.

I don’t know your dog, so can’t recommend any given strategy, but you can either increase the single dose level (e.g. 1mg once per week) or increase frequency. I don’t now how the different approaches would effect your dog

Imo the dose .5 is too big for your 6lb dog. I would allow at least 2 week breaks between the doses. My 3 lb Chu takes .5 (unfortunately I cannot split it) once a month. One day after the dose she gets very lethargic and sleeps a lot. Three days after that, she would show unusual energy for her age - she’s 19.

TY. Wow 19 that is amazing…

That reminds me of myself after taking my first rapamycin dosage. I went for 6mg straight and was very lethargic and sleepy the next day.

If .4mg/week is appropriate according to the dog project, why do you think that increasing it to 1mg/week is right? I’m lost in your calculation.

I was thinking the dog aging project gave 3x per week so I thought lower the dose and increase the frequency….

I see now how it works. Unfortunately you cannot split it. It’s a problem for my little dog as well. My 6lb toy poodle was also on Rapa, and was doing fine, then unexpectedly died within 20 hours for unknown reason (looked like lung embolism). She was 10. The reason wasn’t diagnosed. I do not connect it to Rapa, because she had many health problems (she was a rescue dog from puppy mill).

Almost completely unrelated, but I’ve seen ads recently for NMN for pets. Lol.

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Isn’t TRIAD 3x per week?