Acarbose with Metformin and GLP1 Together, Question?

Hey guys! Longtime luker, less than a year on my regiment and looking for advice.

31/M, 6’3" 260 LBS.

I started my longevity journey about twelve months ago. I was 350 LBS, High Blood Pressure, TD2 but otherwise no other glaring medical issues. (Ha)

I began using Metformin and an injectable GLP1, Trulicty and saw no immediate reduction in A1C or other measures. Switched to an GLP1 Agonist, Mounjaro on June 1st and as of February 28th am down nearly 100 LBS. My labs are all great, my doctor is thrilled. However, continuing on my journey, includes some of the normal longevity tools such as Acarbose.

I brought this up to my very open minded doctor, and he balked at the idea. “Too many side effects” he said, as he turned his nose up at my evidence that Acarbose lowers post prandial glucose levels, while my Metformin and Mounjaro use different mechanisms. I wont even engage him on Rapa yet.

Ive sourced Acarbose independent of him, and Id like to begin dosing myself for its longevity benefits but feel very unsure, even with my evidence about crossing my doctor and going against his advice. Has anyone else experienced using Metformin, Acarbose and a GLP1 together? Any advice in any direction?

Side note, Im so appreciative of this forum and its users!


Congrats on the weight loss, I know you had help, but it’s still amazing.

I’m not a doctor and not an expert on GLP1 or metformin except what I’ve read, but I take acarbose quite a bit (whenever I have carbs). It just blocks them from being absorbed. I think if you work in slow and try to be consistent, then your body will adapt. I was pretty strict keto for a couple years, achieved my goal and now use acarbose with vegetables and beans mostly.

Good Luck,


Thanks @Bicep

Ive read into carbohydrate sensitivity, but I avoid carbohydrates mostly but even a small amount of carbohydrates spike my glucose levels.