Acarbose: Any benefits aside from blood sugar regulation?

Hey Everyone,

The lifespan extending data around Acarbose interests me - especially when combined with Rapamycin.

However, my blood sugar is incredibly stable. Even after 100g carbs - I usually get a rise of +20mg/dl at most, often doesn’t even budge if I’m having an active day. I eat 300g carbs per day and very see my BG go above 100mg/dl (maybe once per month). My fasting BG usually around 76.

I will follow up in that by saying I exercise around 10 hours per week + walk 10k steps - which I attribute to my insulin sensitivity

Anyway, I’m going off topic. If my blood sugar is completely stable and I’m insulin sensitive, is there any benefit to Acarbose?

FYI: I am already taking rapa weekly 3mg + GFJ&EVOO

Many thanks for your future feedback


Benefits of Acarbose is that it is great for microbiome, and they will produce more Butyrate. Bought are associated with longevity.

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Thanks for your response - please can you share study links for this?

You got plenty…just google. I don’t have any at hand.