About to take the plunge and order some rapamycin, I have a few questions

For starters, I’m planning on ordering from Kachhela Medex Private Limited and getting the siroboon 2 mg. Is there any reason to get 1mg over 2mg? I’m asking because I see people talking about getting the 1mg pills and i dont understand why since it would be cheaper (per mg) to buy the 2mg pills since you’re going to be taking more than 1mg at a time anyway.

I’ll also be buying acarbose and possibly dasatinib, any thoughts on these? I will buy liposomal fisetin and take 1200mg fisetin with 10mg dasatinib two days in a row every month on non-rapamycin days.

Going back to rapamycin, i plan to take 8mg a week with sardines and a grapefruit. I might take piperine with it too, does that increase it’s bioavailability? Also what specifically is in grapefruit that increases it’s bioavailability? I’ve heard of things like fat and piperine increasing bioavailability of some compounds, but why specifically grapefruit?

I’m also considering getting on meclizine. What’s the consensus on that as far as effectiveness, dosage etc? I read about it causing cognitive decline and I’m already very deficient in that department (poor memory, below average raw intelligence) so I don’t want to further sacrifice cognitive function unless i’m fairly certain I’m getting a legitimate longevity boost.

Also are there any other drugs i should consider before I make the order? I’m open to just about anything.


Grapefruit juice disables an enzyme that destroys Rapamycin. By taking out that enzyme, you increase absorption by about 3X


I tend to order things before finally deciding to take them. There is always a delay between ordering and obtaining things.

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8mg with grapefruit is like taking around 30, maybe 40. You said weekly. You’re going to have trouble. That’s a massive dose. I don’t know of anybody that can take that without bad side effects. I take 4 or 5 + GFJ every 2 weeks. If I go higher my blood sugar and lipids go whacky and I get mouth sores. Also I get cramps in my legs.

My advice would be to work up slowly.


I would agree with “work up slowly”. I think it is a mistake to take a long time deciding when to take a large dose. Spending some of that time taking smaller doses and seeing what happens is a much safer approach.

I personally take quite infrequent doses of Rapamycin (I took another yesterday, but the previous dosde was 25th July).

I don’t take the accelerants intentionally (I take some berberine, curcumin which have contrary effects a while after rapamycin)


Yes, if you are going to use grapefruit, start off with 1 mg (3 mg effective dose) and work your way up. It’s not a race.


@Imitation_Black Appreciate your interest in Rapa. It seems like your your jumping into the deep end and I can’t tell if you know how to swim. Longevity is a marathon, not a sprint. Do more research, and start one supplement at a time at a low dose and work your way up.


I am on board with the others 30 to 40 mg when you take GFJ is a high dose.

My biological markers were fantastic at 6mg weekly… then upped to 36 mg for 7 months… I lost some of the anti-aging benefits.

Now hitting a dose of 6-8 mg.

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You might consider ordering from a different vendor than Kachhela. Packages from them seem to be confiscated more often by customs. I had one confiscated a while back. Kachhela replaced it after hounding them a bit, which was good, but they may not be doing that anymore. Lots of places have Siroboon sirolimus, however, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding it.


I would concur with all the suggestions I’ve seen so far. My only addition would be that you may want to look for another option other than Siroboon for sirolimus. They are the smallest, manufacturer of rapamycin with the least track record for producing quality product. I think the company is less than 5 years old - compared to Zydus and Biocon. I’ve seen quality reviews of the Zydus and Biocon products and they look OK. But I’ve never seen a lab analysis of the Siroboon product: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity