A4LI's D.C. Fly-In 2024 Congressional Briefing on Longevity Science

This is a meeting set up by the A4LI to try to improve support in the US congress for longevity science and biotech. This is extremely important as we want to see larger budgets for the NIH National Institutes on Aging, and especially in projects like the ITP (Interventions Testing Program) that led to the validation of Rapamycin as a longevity drug.

Paul Tonko (D-NY): 2:10
Gus Bilirakis (R-FL): 11:00
Matt Kaeberlein (Founder/CEO - Optispan): 9:00 ; 17:00
Kristen Fortney (Founder/CEO - BioAge): 27:35
Joe Betts-LaCroix (Founder/CEO - Retro Biosciences): 37:50
Q&A: 48:10

The biological aging process is the primary risk factor for the top causes of non-accidental death in the United States, including heart disease, cancers, COVID-19, stroke, respiratory illnesses and Alzheimer’s. In total, chronic, age-driven health conditions that require ongoing medical care and treatment incur $3.7 trillion in annual healthcare spending. As people live longer, a growing proportion of our population suffer from more than one age-related condition at a time, further exacerbating the healthcare system. Because aging is the driver of chronic diseases, therapies that directly target aging physiology could prevent or cure multiple chronic age-related diseases.

Researchers in the biology of aging are beginning to understand how the biological processes of aging promote disease, and dozens of biotechnology companies are applying that understanding to delay the onset and progression of age-associated health problems. Such interventions, generally termed “longevity medicine,” have the potential to dramatically decrease both mortality and healthcare costs, likely to a greater extent than even the complete cure of any one disease, while alleviating suffering and improving quality of life — revolutionizing healthcare for all.

Recognizing that there is a need for investment and commercialization in the longevity medicine space, the Longevity Science Caucus, chaired by Congressman Tonko and Congressman Bilirakis, is organizing the first ever Longevity Science Briefing on March 21st, 2024. Join us and hear from our panel of experts about the basics of longevity science, the scope of the aging demographics issue in America and the industry’s recommendations for improving investments in this crucial area of biotechnology research.

Moderator: Sonia Arrison (Chair of the Board - The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives)
Speakers: Matt Kaeberlein (Founder/CEO - Optispan)
Joe Betts-LaCroix (Founder/CEO - Retro Biosciences)
Kristen Fortney (Founder/CEO - BioAge)

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives (A4LI) proudly stands as the inaugural 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization specifically created to ignite social and political action focused on mitigating age-related diseases and fostering an increase in our healthy, active years. Visionary founder Dylan Livingston, leveraging his rich background as a grassroots political organizer, launched A4LI in 2022 in response to the burgeoning call for legislative advocacy within the rapidly evolving longevity sector.

A4LI’s inception comes at a pivotal moment when breakthroughs in science and surges in funding have primed the industry for transformation. With an eye on the future, we endeavor to align with healthcare pioneers and thought leaders within the realms of geroscience and policy-making. Our mission is to ensure that the initiatives we advance are strategic and impactful, designed to realize A4LI’s commitment to extending the healthspan of society.

The situation for government funded research is similar in many ways to private research funding.
The questions are:
What are we paying for?
How likely is that we will get the outcome?

The difficulty is that people have little certainty as to what the outcome is likely to be.