A Possibly interesting App for Tracking Longevity?

Saw this posted on another forum, both other than this I know nothing about the company or people involved - I will tryout out to see what it does:

This new App is looking for Beta testers. Check out their website and sign up if you’re interested www.apprewind.com . They are a science-first one-stop solution to longevity tracking.

She describes it this way:

Hey! so it’s a habit tracker to help you keep on top of your daily life-extending activities (like fasting, cold showers, etc) as well as supplements. It collects data from your usage as well as connecting with wearables and home blood tests to give an approximation of biological age, which you can hopefully watch going down as you keep on top of your habits. We are also hoping that by logging supplement use as well as how you are feeling through journal prompts that we can create links between which supplements cause which benefits and which ones might be causing side effects to help people personalise their stack.

People involved:

Julia Cooney:


Izaak Sofer


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Distilling the current anti-aging mainstream buzz mainstream, new startup. Apple must have skunkworks on this (I know glucose monitoring is big focus), and when they unleash the full suite…


hm, many problems with that website. The site doesn’t respond to https protocol. My ISP flags it as unsafe, as does Twitter. Besides, the Twitter account of the same name and linking to it (https://twitter.com/apprewind) is 10 years old, and has zero follower, 0 tweet, nothing. Take care…

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