A Neurologist’s Tips to Protect Your Memory (NYT)

A new book by a renowned brain expert says there are a few simple things we can do to prevent memory decline as we age.

The author of more than 20 books on the mind, Dr. Restak has decades’ worth of experience in guiding patients with memory problems. “The Complete Guide to Memory: The Science of Strengthening Your Mind,” Dr. Restak’s latest book, includes tools such as mental exercises, sleep habits and diet that can help boost memory.

Yet Dr. Restak ventures beyond this familiar territory, considering every facet of memory — how memory is connected to creative thinking, technology’s impact on memory, how memory shapes identity. “The point of the book is to overcome the everyday problems of memory,” Dr. Restak said.

Especially working memory, which falls between immediate recall and long-term memory, and is tied to intelligence, concentration and achievement.

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The Book:




Just do the Dula n-Back game or Triple N-Back Game. Game is free and you can download it.

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Is there a specific app that you recommend? And, does it measure and track your results so you can compare over time?

This game can raise you an IQ. But this is not the point to raise an IQ. The game can literally re-wire your brain. It has tremendous effect on short term memory, lower depression and raise focus…

The game is called Dual N-Back. I’am doing Triple N-Back.

Some people can came to 10-Back.

More you can read here:

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I know about N-back as a general approach. But there are a ton of different n-back apps out there. Have you found one specifically that you think is best?

The problem with the n-back tests is that the improvements are task specific and don’t seem to translate to other areas. There is no good evidence AFAIK that dual n-back training can increase your IQ or performance on other tasks. It’s likely a good preventative however.

Btw, I tried dual n-back training daily for more than a month a long time ago just for fun. I experienced massive improvement in dual n-back performance but don’t think it translated into increased performance on anything else.

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