A Dog’s Life Could Hold the Key to Anti-Aging Drugs for Humans

ON THIS WEEK’S episode of Have a Nice Future, Gideon Lichfield and Lauren Goode talk to Celine Halioua, the founder and CEO of Loyal—a company that researches drugs to extend the lifespan of dogs. They talk about the real meaning of longevity and when these drugs might be given to humans in the future.

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Dr. Miller commented that dog studies are much more valuable to humans than mice studies. I think we need the mice studies to find candidates that are suitable for dog studies (like Rapamycin and the other ITP protocols). Now we just need a DITP program (Dog Interventions Testing).

I wish we could get a billionaire interested in this…


Agreed… I suggested something like your DITP to Matt K., but it wasn’t something that he wanted to do (he seemed like a good prospect given the Dog aging project (DAP)). The obvious next step are DAPs with combinations of rapamycin and acarbose, etc… and other compounds, etc.

There is a group that would seem ideal to fund something like this: Hevolution Foundation, Saudi $ Billions into Anti-Aging

Just not sure who would be interested in this… perhaps Daniel Promislow. Send him an email… https://www.biology.washington.edu/news/news/1644494400/daniel-promislow-uw-medicine-news-release-dog-aging-project