A Debate between Charles Brenner and David Sinclair upcoming! (if Sinclair is up to it)



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Can’t see Sinclair going for it.

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I don’t think David Sinclair will agree. Charles Brenner’s arguments to me seem solid on a lot of these issues (where he disagrees with David Sinclair about his research) although I don’t agree with everything he says.

I can’t see this not ending in a literal fist fight.

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Simon Hill did a podcast with Charles Brenner recently.

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Brenner debunks virtually everything. (posted yesterday)

Also see here (I have access, not sure if everyone else does)
A science-based review of the world’s best-selling book on aging
Charles Brenner

It’s not going to happen and why is Brenner going after Sinclair, but Sinclair is never going after Brenner?

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I haven’t listen to the full podcast. People were saying they agree with his views on rapamycin. In the parts I listened he didn’t even mention it. He was asked about the interventions that extended lifespan in animals and no mention of rapamycin. And when he was asked about supplements worth taking he only listed NR. He did say that people shouldn’t be promoting off label use of drugs for longevity.

Of course, he has always said that there is nothing that can extend lifespan and that it is silly or almost criminal to suggest otherwise. In his view, that is genetically coded and cannot be changed. NR has been proven not to extend lifespan so perhaps that could explain his negativity.


Brenner has been antagonizing Sinclair for years now every chance he gets. Sinclair blocked him on Twtitter. Sinclair never responds or gives him the time of day.

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Oh, yes, there would be no reason for Sinclair to respond to Charles Brenner. Brenner is like a tiny fly buzzing around. He just ignores him which upsets Brenner all the more. He actually wrote a scathing review of Sinclair‘s book 3 years after it was published. And when he called him out from the audience at a conference where they were both presenting, Sinclair just sloughed him off with some comment like “I’m not going to engage in a food fight with you”, lol.


Brenner is however right about the sirtuins and probably right about cellular reprogramming. I disagree wirh brenner about rapamycin.

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If this happens which I don’t see happening, it will be two hours of one guy referencing a study and the other guy saying that was a bad study because of blah blah blah.

Oh yes, he’s very good in my view. But I could imagine his reaction to this board. I think along the lines of a complete waste of time, harmful, misguided, and everyone here is unhappy.