A collection of papers on Astaxanthin

This is a collection of papers on Astaxanthin.

Keep in mind this was assembled by a company that sells Astaxanthin.

In my view good reference source on published papers.

astaxanthin_abstract_book.pdf (870.9 KB)


Of all the supplements I have studied and learned about, this is the one that stands out. You will find hundreds of studies of this on pubmed, almost all of them positive.
I take 14mg a day, and will do so for the rest of my life.


I’ve been taking 12mg every second day for about eight months now, mainly for UV protection (especially the eyes). I also made up a jar of Aloe Vera with astaxanthin mixed in and use it on my face and exposed areas if I’m planning on being out in the sun for a while. I haven’t had to use sun screen at all this year and I barely have a tan.