A Big Congrats to Rap Admin

During the webinar today with Dr. Alan Green and Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny (two of the most renown experts on Rapamycin), Dr. Blagosklonny mentioned rapamycin.news as the best source for rapamycin related information. Job well done Rap Admin!


Agreed! Before I joined Rapamycin.news - I was all over the internet searching for any tidbit I could find - usually old news or not relating to my use. Here I find articles and forum posts about things I didn’t even guess I could know or understand. All helpful! Definitely the best resource. Thanks!!


Exactly… That was my issue. It was such a pain. Rapamycin is really the leading anti-aging drug that is number one on the list for effectiveness so i figure if we can get the details around it worked out we have a good base, and then we can build from there.


Yes, I fully agree! This platform is a great place for growing the rapamycin movement and hopefully one day everyone can take rapamycin without big restrictions around it. Step by step forward! Great job with the community! It has helped me a lot!


Really appreciate your work, there are always up to date information on the website, and there are many active members providing great insights.
I almost visit this website every day, and learned a lot, it’s a great community.


Ditto, thanks very much,


What webinar are you referring to, and is a replay available?

There was a Webinar for everyone who is participating in the university of Washington rapamycin survey study.

Its not too late to join in. Enter now!


I agree 100%! Rap Admin is doing a superior job! Searching Rapamycin.News is a great time-saver for me.