8 healthy habits that may add 24 years to your lifespan


Seems the most reasonable list. Good that mental health is included. It is mostly overlooked component in most longevity topics but I personally believe that mental health is as important, sometimes seem even more important than physical health.


From my personal observations, I would rather have physical issues than mental health issues. We are still in the dark ages when it comes to mental health. All of the anti-depressants etc. are mere band-aids.


As someone who loves wine, this has always been my mantra. Becoming an alcoholic is a sure way never to be able to drink wine again. But now I realize rarely drinking is the better choice.

I still wonder whether or not alcohol is bad period .or only bad when exceeding the body’s limit to detoxify (like paracetamol) and the poor lifestyle choices that come with alcohol consumption. For now I wish to believe the latter because I love wine too much


I personally don’t drink because I don’t like the effects, not out of any moral or health reasons. Drinking like many things seems to be okay in moderation. I can’t find any definitive studies that indicate that moderate alcohol consumption is harmful.
In fact, it may have a U-shaped curve in relation to longevity.
It looks like a drink a day may be beneficial.



Yes I have seen many such graphs and I believe this part is just poor lifestyle and from 10-12 units onwards the toxic effects of alcohol start to become in effect

Alcohol it’s probably not a health food but also not bad if you can handle it and live healthy otherwise

Dr. Green on his website pointed out the following (see below) about moderate alcohol use and reduction of mtorc1.

But counter intuitively, aerobically fit people are twice as likely to be moderate to heavy drinkers vs those not in shape. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/22/well/fitness-alcohol-drinking-exercise.html

"Dr Green - The mTOR and Alcohol Connection

It is widely know that moderate alcohol drinkers live longer that teetolers. However, the mechanism was not understood until revealed by David Foster. Alcohol is involved with the mTOR pathway. mTOR, raptor and phosphatidic acid ¶ are combined to build mTORC1 while mTOR, rictor and phosphatidic acid ¶ are combined to build mTORC2.

Alcohol interacts with PA and reduces its availability.

The net results is a small amount of alcohol lowers mTOR1; while a large amount of alcohol lowers both mTOR1 and mTOR2.

Foster, DA ,“Reduced mortality and moderate alcohol consumption**:** The phospholipase mTOR connection. Cell Cycle. 2010 Apr 1;9(7):1291-4.”


My endurance performance seriously is better with than without alcohol. I have tried several periods of total abstinence but I just feel and performan better with moderate to heavy alcohol consumption

What do you consider moderate to heavy? :thinking::sweat_smile:

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A bottle of wine, I tend to choose the old world lighter 12-12.5% wines, not the new world 14-15% wines…


Per person / evening :sweat_smile:

we are still in the dark ages when it comes to about any part or aspect of life. We are still just so full of it - of what is obvious and it is literally true. And the most sad part of it all is we still cannot commit suicide in peace . oh yea some states if can prove have less than 6 months and all kinds of other crap u got to go thru and get others opinions = so what a doctor is my god ?. it’s no one elses business if i or anyone wants to commit suicide - and i don’t have to or owe anyone any excuse for them to decide. And the most ridiculous part is they deny the people who need to be able to get out of their misery in the worst way = the mentally ill.

Yes, we are, humanity “thinks” they know everything, reality is we known very little.

As I have posted several times, in science I always think of;

We are looking for a black cat in the dark room, but there in no cat.

Arhu, I feel your pain. I still own several thousand bottles that I want to drink. What did it for me is that even small amounts of alcohol disrupt your sleep. And sleep disruptions (even ones you don’t notice) have a very negative affect on deep sleep.