70 Year old and no rapamycin

I could not do this in my 20’s!

He did not receive the “exercise-not-effective” memo.


Ok, this beats your last guy at 60…even better developed musculature and 70.

Yes folks, we ALL have the same raw muscles as this man. We just leave them dormant. Look at his skin.

I love this time released “longevity fitness series” Joseph…I hope this is at least 5 episodes, so expecting an 80, 90, and 100 yr old.


Wow! Birth certificate please :wink:

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Do you recall Jeffry Life MD who was the poster boy for
Cenegenics for many years?

He is 84 now.


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What no video? He looks great for 84.

He’s big on TRT and muscle mass/strength.


Let you do the work.

Back story after he left Cenegeneics.

Exercise-stimulated interleukin-15 is controlled by AMPK and regulates skin metabolism and aging

“Aging is commonly associated with a structural deterioration of skin that compromises its barrier function, healing, and susceptibility to disease. Several lines of evidence show that these changes are driven largely by impaired tissue mitochondrial metabolism. While exercise is associated with numerous health benefits, there is no evidence that it affects skin tissue or that endocrine muscle-to-skin signaling occurs. We demonstrate that endurance exercise attenuates age-associated changes to skin in humans and mice and identify exercise-induced IL-15 as a novel regulator of mitochondrial function in aging skin. We show that exercise controls IL-15 expression in part through skeletal muscle AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), a central regulator of metabolism, and that the elimination of muscle AMPK causes a deterioration of skin structure”

“Indeed, several proteins secreted from skeletal muscle (myokines) have been identified that can mediate important physiological functions in other organs demonstrating a tremendous potential for peripheral tissue metabolic control by exercise-mediated factors.”

CR + Rapamycin + Exercise…live to 100 AND look young?

We all are speculating.

Did I miss something…isn’t that why we’re here, speculating on how to crack the longevity code??

Look at Ernestine Shepherd, she is currently 86.

Start when she was 71.


Ah yes! I remember his pictures. He was the follow up physician to their previous guy - also a physician. I did a few days in their clinic for certification process probably 18 or so years ago.

Unless my hearing is completely shot, the video plainly says he is 73 years old.
That is still great and is proof you don’t have to succumb to sarcopenia, at least to 73 yrs old.
I have no desire to acquire that much muscle mass because I don’t like to work that hard, and I have more than adequate muscle mass for my needs. I only work out now enough to maintain muscle mass.

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The video posted is over 8 years old.

Born: July 1938 (age 84 years)

His web site;