24 hour and 48 hour rapamycin blood test

I’ve been doing 24 hour test. My question is how different is the 48 hour test level going to be. I’ve been targeting about 10ng/L after 24 hours which has a peak around 30+ng/L after 2 hours. Has anyone been doing 48 hour test? Thx.

A rough estimate is that it’s going to be around 60% of your 24 hour level. But of course it depends somewhat on how fast you metabolize it.

I thought with a half life of 60 hours, it will be higher than that.

The average half life that is commonly known to be around 60 hours is the half life after the blood level has dropped down from the peak. In the first 1-2 days it will be faster than that, and in the first several hours after you take rapamycin the half-life will be a lot faster. This is why I think it’s good to test rapamycin at the 48 hour mark and then test later say at the 72 hour mark because at the 48 hour mark the initial fast drop form the peak is over and then you can see the half-life better.

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