23andMe Data Mining

Ok, so I did my 23andMe test a long time ago and I was reading comments about the APOE4 gene regarding fish oil.

What other gems are there in this data that I can or should look at?


Did you upload to Promethease? There’s also another site which looks at your pharmacogenetics, which promethease doesn’t do. Forgot which though, can look it up later


Nice! I found it. Thanks, Arhu. After looking at the report, I know why they have you do a disclaimer. That’s a ton of info!

It all jives with what I have personally found to be true, so the stuff I cannot verify - like increased cancer risks - can be quite daunting.

This site is good too, promethease isn’t allowed to show some info anymore


Thanks! It appears I have one of the FOXO3 genes for longevity and also longer telomeres. Also a better memory than most.

Unfortunately, I have a higher risk for certain types of cancers, which jives with my family history. Pretty accurate.

Totally nailed my blood type and eye color as well as body size.


I have one of the longevity associated foxo3 genes too😃 if the cancers you get say something like V617F-associated MPNs these are nothing to worry about and are quite common

Did you have to do bloodwork for them to get the result?

No, just the 23andMe spit test. Download the data and plug it into promethease. Quite easy and cheap! It seems reliable as well.

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It means that I have to do 23andMe test first. Didn’t do it yet but plan to do soon.

Scroll down here and choose all of those manual free reports:

I have used codegen EU but don’t be surprised if a clone of you comes to visit in 20 yrs… It has been working for many years and feedback is good, but no one seems to know who runs the site. They do genetic scoring and compare with population, in percentiles, etc.


I did the Promethease and Genetic Genie from my 23 and Me raw data today and it was quite enlightening. Thanks!


I have not done this yet. What specifically have people found actionable from this data? Have you done anything different because of the data?

Make sure the genes are based on GWA (genome wide assosciation) studies, by the way. Promethease have a lot of genes which aren’t, which is probably just noise.

Candidate genes hypothesized to be associated with complex traits have generally not been replicated by subsequent GWASs[3][4][5][6] or highly powered replication attempts.[7][8] The failure of candidate gene studies to shed light on the specific genes underlying such traits has been ascribed to insufficient statistical power, low prior probability that scientists can correctly guess a specific allele within a specific gene that is related to a trait, poor methodological practices, and data dredging.[9][6][10] - Wikipedia

@tongMD you have mentioned previously that you have used WGS (whole genome sequencing) for example drug tolerance? Can you speak about what you use and what you look at in a person’s genome?


For me, I found evidence which supported hypothesis about my family history. For instance, I am more prone to prostate cancer and colon cancer. Sometimes you need that extra push to be extra careful. Also found a risk of thyroid cancer which I wasn’t aware of. I will need to look into this. It’s just more data to help you understand your own personal health.

But be warned, most of the action items will be negative in regarding to diseases you are more susceptible to. If you scare easily, don’t do it.


For me it primarily confirmed what I expected from my family history. Fortuitously I had my yearly physical today and did the genetic reports before going so I was much more open to having the advised colonoscopy and mammogram than I had been previously. It was just the push I needed to face the reality of my family history/genetics and pull my head out of the sand so to speak. I believe it will be good for my longevity because I have a few things I should be monitoring that I was previously choosing to ignore. This thread quite possibly changed the course of my life tbh…
I also learned I have several drug toxicity/ADR issues related to meds I took years ago that did a lot of damage and now that makes perfect sense. I was also unaware of my MTHFR status which could possibly be impacting me currently so that was helpful as well.


I found this tutorial useful:


I’d like to warn people about using Prometheus. I’m greatly in favor of knowing everything you can about yourself, but you should know that it can give you really scary results without decent context. Make sure you want to know before you use it.

I found out something I was completely unprepared to know.

I’m glad I do know now. And there are steps I take to reduce my risks (like sometimes taking rapamycin among other things). But at the time, I just plugged in my 23 & Me info because some intern mentioned it as I was walking out the door, and at the time, the information was life-alteringly upsetting.


I completely agree. If you are easily (or even not so much) upset by finding out about A LOT of potential health issues, you may not want to use Promethease.


23&me work off saliva samples, not bloods.


I’ve used a few of these companies and I’m definitely all in favor of it. Initially I used 23 and Me, which is very basic. I used them so I could upload my snps onto the Found My Fitness website, which is way more detailed. After that I discovered Nebula Genomics, which is a company created by George Church. If you’re going to have your genome read I’d suggest using that company as they don’t sell your data. It’s much more comprehensive, but can be a little hard to read- And by that I mean seeing yourself laid out can be a little sobering.
Overall, I found it all incredibly useful and as a consequence I regularly bring things with my doctor. I’ve discovered I’m a slow metabolizer of certain drugs, which I now avoid. I also supplement with Methyl Folate and Vitamin D as I have a genetic risk for vitamin D deficiency, again which I’ve tracked through blood tests. I also discovered I have a high chance of Hyperhomocystemia, again which correlated with blood, my homocysteine was naturally high, so now I supplement with TMG. Personally, I see this as a vital part of trying to gather as much data about myself as I can to try and head off future any problems. IAnother interesting company I’ve found related to my snps is Genefood. I refrained from posting because it was related to diet and I know how heated it can get. Gene Food suggests a diet based on your particular genetics. What’s been interesting for me is that by tracking my blood over the last four years my optimal blood markers correlate more or less with the specific diet they recommended. I’m just waiting for when this can all be put onto a personalized app.